Turkey Poults - Midget White breed - $15 (Randolph)

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We are in the process of hatching our Midget White Turkeys for this spring and are taking orders. These turkeys are hard to find and you can often lose some from the stress of shipping, so if you are interested in a straight run group (mixed girls and boys), contact me right away.

Midget White Turkeys are a beautiful, small version of the broad breasted turkey. At harvest time, Toms weigh in at about 14 lbs and the hens at about 10-12 lbs at about 4 months of age. The meat is excellent and we have been raising them as our Thanksgiving bird for a few years. They are the perfect homestead poultry meat animal as they easily reproduce and are great foragers. They are also friendly and get along well with our chickens and ducks. Our adult Toms watch over the young turkeys as they free range our fields when weather permits. The pictures shown are from our birds last summer.

They are flock animals and need to be sold in small groups. Please make sure you have an appropriate area for them to thrive. We recommend feeding a minimum 24 percent crumble for the chicks. After they are older, we feed 20 percent pellets, along with their foraging.

If you are interested in raising this unique homestead meat bird, contact Deb at 716 three 58- four 9 zero 3 by phone or text.

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