Yamaha YZ250 engine parts sale 1992 4DA- prefix YZ 250 WR250 (SWNY Catt. Co.)

Yamaha YZ250 engine parts sale 1992 4DA- prefix YZ 250 WR250 1 thumbnailYamaha YZ250 engine parts sale 1992 4DA- prefix YZ 250 WR250 2 thumbnail
Just throwing out a feeler to see if there is much interest out there from the www dot SearchTempest dot com users.

Bike shown is not for sale, it is for effect to alert 1992 YZ250 owners what I am selling in parts.

Complete engine is present with non OEM carb and electronics, but I am parting it out and not selling as a package deal.

Many new OEM parts were purchased like Power valve (YPVS) main crank bearings and seals, aftermarket complete gasket set, C/S sprocket Guard, oem rubber carb / manifold, PRO-X piston kit (FAT STD) and more were accumulated but never did get the cylinder sleeved or re-chromed. I recall the chrome about the exhaust port was worn through. The engine is completely disassembled/cleaned and prepped for assembly. I will at some point dig it out of the back room where its been stored for at least a dozen or more years and get 2 dozen photo's posted here like I did for my RZ parts.

I had intended to find a proper 92 rolling chassis to put this on, but never found one after years of looking, and now...everything's changed, so it's going to be sold off.

The only other thing I'd change out is 2nd gear, there was some tooth issues, but it still usable like it is.
sleeve is a ya5174 which is an L A sleeve and runs on eBay when they're listed from low one hundred's to about a buck fifty. This engine was last run in the early 2000's by me on a 86 YZ chassis, which I restored the proper 86 engine and installed it back into the original frame and ultimately sold.

Respond by email to include location, name and phone number and I will reply when it is convenient.

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